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Below is a list of some organizations and service projects that our church members are currently engaged in. Along with some contact information to help you find a "point person" for each outreach.

We share these things not to bring glory to ourselves, but only to provide helpful information to those seeking to contribute or become invloved. It is only through God's power that any good can be accomplished and all glory goes to Him.


Food Pantry

Our food pantry is located inside of the church building, and is available to those in need in our surrounding community and beyond. Besides supplying for basic nutritional needs, the pantry offers health & hygiene products as well. Please don't hesistate to let us know what you need!


See Kyle Griffith  or contact the office for more information.

Lifeline Chaplaincy

Since 1983 this Church of Christ ministry has provide a network of caring people as a lifeline for those facing serious illness & loss. Chaplains, volunteers, & interns offer extensive services to families in need.

Use the link below if you have friend or family in the hospital, and would like for them to reseve a visit from Michele Thompson, a member at our church who volunteers with Lifeline.



Huggy Blankets

Blankets made or donated by church members are gifted to the women & children at SafePlace Austin. Each blanket includes a poem depicting the love and prayers put into the making of each blanket. The program has led to additional donation to SafePlace, but blankets are the pilot program.


See Carrie Shields for more information and/or visit: www.safeaustin.org

World Bible School

WBS is an international outreach effort to provide a basic Bible study curriculum.  Students request paper lessons or online lessons, and teachers are volunteers from various churches. Students are recruited via outreach efforts.  At any point in time, approximately two million students are studying with World Bible School. 


See Shep Strong for more information.

Shelterless Outreach

The Youth and Young Professionals groups have teamed up for various outreach projects involving taking food and supplies to those in need of shelter and support. Some have been organized in house and others have been done in conjuction with other charities or congregations.

See Lindi Parshall or Lauren Fuertes for more information.

Handbags for Hope

Donate your new & gently used handbags, and bring HOPE to women & children this Mother's Day. Children in shelters across Texas will select a donated handbag to give their moms on Mother's Day. Each bag will be fitted with a tag that has the Project's toll-free legal line and pamphlets detailing how to get and stay safe.


See Kathy Longino for more info, and/or visit:


Pantsuit Austin: Racail Justice

As a branch of Pant Suit Austin, the Racial Justice Team seeks opportunities to support local organizations who advocate for: social justice, civil rights, racial equity, fair/affordable housing, food access, and criminal justice reform. Our goal is simply to increase the visibility of these organizations and provide them with volunteers. 

See Tara Chill or Find us on Facebook for more info.

Seeds of Hope

A fund donated (seperate from all other funds/ budgets) to address the immdeidate neesd of our Church members. Donations are often collected around Christmas time and distributed by Church leadership as needed. Training courses, monthly expenses, and medical bills are some examples of past assistance.


See Daniel Fuertes for more information.


Dominican Republic

Western Hills provides financial and spiritual support to our Brother Fausto Piña Bello to aid with founding churches, conducting classes, constructing buildings, and other evangelic efforts in the Dominican Republic and beyond. Fausto visits often, providing updates on his inspirational work as a servant of our Lord's will.


See Armando Hernandez for more information.

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*our Wednesday night start time and location rotates throughout the month, please contact us for details if you plan to attend. 

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