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Below is a list of some organizations and service projects that our church members are currently engaged in. Along with some contact information to help you find a "point person" for each outreach. Some of the work is tired directly to the church, but many of these are causes and programs that our members engage in beyond the walls of our church home. 

We share these things not to bring glory to ourselves, but only to provide helpful information to those who seek to contribute or become invloved. It is only through God's power that any good can be accomplished and all glory goes to Him.


Arms of Hope

Arms of Hope is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Christian care organization that assists children and single-mother families in need with over 150 years combined experience in comprehensive residential care programs for children.


Arms of Hope also reaches disadvantaged children in their own neighborhoods in various communities with its Outreach Ministry programs.


Click Here for The Website

Family Link

FamilyLink Kids at Legacy Ranch is a non-profit Licensed Foster Care and Adoption agency that works directly with Child Protective Services to find homes for children who have been abused, neglected or exploited


Are you, or someone you know, interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent? Becoming a mentor/volunteer or child advocate?


Click Here for the Website

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope focuses on assisting Western Hills Family members that have run into difficulties, and for almost 20 years, fyour gifts have allowed Western Hills to keep several precious families afloat. 


Seeds of Hope is as anonymous as possible so that a level of dignity might be retained by those we’re helping. 


Seeds of Hope is also a non-budgeted ministry, completely funded by donations, with no monies coming from regular Western Hills contributions.  

See Daniel Fuertes for more information. 

Huggy Blankets

Blankets made or donated by church members are gifted to the women & children at SafePlace Austin.


Each blanket includes a poem depicting the love and prayers put into each blanket.


This outreach has led to a great relationship, and many additional donation to SafePlace, including a now regular bulk donation of baby wipes.


See Carrie Shields, the chruch member who founded the program, for more more information. 

Lifeline Chaplaincy

Since 1983 this Church of Christ ministry has provide a network of caring people as a lifeline for those facing serious illness & loss. Chaplains, volunteers, & interns offer extensive services to families in need.

Use the link below if you have friend or family in the hospital, and would like for them to reseve a visit from Michele Thompson, a member at our church who volunteers with Lifeline.


Click Here for The Website

The Ally Ship

A community of allies attempting to serve the black community without fear of subverstion or derailment.


Created by the 400+1 collective, so ally volunteers and resources were no longer divided. Create a unified pool of resourced that responds when and where the movement for black liberation needs it most. 


See Tara Chill, the Executive Director of The Ally Ship, to become invovled.


Click Here for the Website


Coming Soon

Are you a member of Western Hills that volutneers or has an outreach program you are passionate about? 

Contact Tara Chill with a brief description and a square, landscape, or 5x4 image to have it added to the website. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas

Seeking a community where women and families are supported before, during, and after pregnancy.

Awarness and education build bridges that empower families, healthcare professional, and the community to overcome common and treatable mental and physical health challenges associated with pregnancy. 


There is no one “right” answer. Let PPHA help find the care plan that works best for your family’s physical and mental health needs. 


Contact Kelly Stockwell, who serves on the Board of Directors for PPHA, to get involved. 

Coming Soon

Are you a member of Western Hills that volutneers or has an outreach program you are passionate about? 

Contact Tara Chill with a brief description and a square, landscape, or 5x4 image to have it added to the website. 

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